Blocking Websites On iPhone: Exploring Different Methods

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In today’s digital world, managing online content consumption and screen time is a constant challenge. Whether you are hoping to boost productivity by minimizing distractions or wish to safeguard your children from watching inappropriate content, knowing how to block websites on your iPhone can be valuable knowledge.

Although this guide is for iPhone users, it is imperative for users of all devices and operating systems to learn how to block websites so that distractions are minimized, and NSFW sites can be prevented from popping up.

That said, let us explore the different methods available for blocking websites on iPhones.

Use Screen Time

The Screen Time feature is Apple’s iOS built-in solution for managing websites. This feature allows you to configure website access according to your specific needs. Within Screen Time, you get the following options:

  • Unrestricted access - This provides you with full access to all websites on Safari, Chrome, and other applications.
  • Limit adult websites - This filters out the websites that are identified as containing adult content.
  • Allowed websites - This flips the control, and when you have it enabled, it will only allow those websites that you have added to the whitelist.

To use Screen Time for blocking websites, launch the Settings app on your iPhone > go to Screen Time > tap Content & Privacy Restrictions > choose Content Restrictions > under Web Content, select your preferred access level - Unrestricted Access, Limit Adult Websites or Allowed Websites.

If you opt for Allowed Websites, tap Add Website and create your whitelist.

So, before you create your whitelist, it is recommended that you create a URL blocklist ↗️ . This will give you a clear idea about the websites you want to restrict. The remaining websites can be added to the whitelist.

Block Sites With Dns Filtering

DNS filtering is another method of blocking websites on your iPhone. You can configure your DNS settings by accessing your iPhone Settings > locating the WLAN section > clicking on the blue icon with “i” next to the connected Wi-Fi > scrolling to Configure DNS > selecting Manual > entering the DNS server to block websites.

However, this is not the best method because DNS filtering can be easily bypassed using a VPN.

Block Sites From The Router

Using your Wi-Fi router is another method of blocking websites on your iPhone. Almost all types of routers come with additional website-blocking options and firewalls. This allows users to personalize the restriction settings and block websites that are unwanted. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Access the router’s admin page by opening your web browser and typing in your router’s configuration IP address. If you don’t know the IP address, you can call customer support.
  • Sign into your router by entering your credentials and accessing the device’s admin control page.
  • Find the website or URL blocker option. This is usually found under the device’s Security Settings or Firewall menu.
  • Enter the name of the sites you wish to block and then tap on Apply.

Use Website Blockers Or Extensions

One easy method of blocking websites on your iPhone is using third-party website blockers or browser extensions ↗️ . You can download the website blocker app by going to the App Store. As for the extensions, you will have a wide range of options to choose from if you are using Chrome or any other browser that supports extensions.

List Of Websites You Should Block

Now that you know how to block websites on your iPhone, look at this compiled list of websites that are popularly blocked by people.

  • Adult Content Or Pornography

    Children accessing pornography or adult content is a primary concern among parents. Blocking these websites ensures that children are not exposed to inappropriate content. Also, such websites are usually banned at work.

  • Social Media Platforms

    A lot of people block social media platforms on their iPhones because they don’t want to be disturbed or distracted when trying to be productive. This is also an excellent way to limit screen time and focus on other essential tasks.

    However, if you don’t want to block social media platforms completely, you can choose to restrict access.

  • Inappropriate Gaming Sites

    It helps to block inappropriate and addictive gaming websites, especially if the site offers violent games. This will ensure you are not tempted to play such games and engage in inappropriate behavior.

    Besides these, you can block specific websites that you find inappropriate or not worthy of your time. This is going to help you reduce your screen time and only consume meaningful content that adds some value to your life.

The Bottom Line

By utilizing the website blocking methods mentioned above, you can transform your iPhone into a productivity device. It will help you create a safe environment for whoever accesses your phone and you also get to stay away from temptations that don’t add anything to your life but are a distraction.