Hey there, 馃憢 I'm Akash Rajpurohit.

Software Engineer based out of Mumbai. I like to make digital experiences easier and simpler for people.

Akash Rajpurohit

Documenting my journey through writings.

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  • projects

    Journey into "how to professionally say" project

    Join me in the journey of this project which got way more traction than expected

    6 min read
  • bashlinux

    Backup Users Home Directory In Linux Using Tar Command

    Learn how to easily and systematically backup your home directory in linux.

    3 min read
  • devops

    Top Free Services To Deploy Full-Stack Applications

    Sharing the list of these amazing free services that can help you go online with your app for free.

    10 min read

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  • homelab

    Building My First Home Lab

    Finally after waiting for a long time, I started building my first Home lab and here's how I got started with it.

    6 min read
  • cloudflaresecurity

    How to protect your website from attacks using Cloudflare WAF and Rate Limiting

    In this article, I will explain how I was able to protect my website from attackers and how you can too using Cloudflare WAF and rate limiting.

    6 min read
  • cloudflaredevops

    How to setup Cloudflare proxy for your website hosted on Vercel or Netlify

    In this article, I will show you how to properly set up Cloudflare proxy for any of your website which is hosted on some other service like Vercel or Netlify.

    7 min read
  • nextjs

    How I automatically generate a dynamic sitemap in Next.js

    Learn how to generate a dynamic sitemap on build time automatically in Next.js with Contentlayer

    7 min read
  • bashpostgres

    3 simple steps to create a local backup of Postgres database using Bash script

    In this article, I will show you how I back up the Postgres database hosted on Supabase (ideally can be anywhere) to the local system and automate this process.

    6 min read
  • security

    Add a Honeypot in your Forms to avoid Spam Submissions

    Learn how to quickly add a spam filter to reduce spam submissions in any of your forms on your website.

    3 min read

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