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  • Set Up Draft Pages Effectively in Astro with Config-Driven Content Authoring

    Learn how to harness the power of content collections in Astro to manage draft pages effortlessly. Discover how to exclude draft content from production while enabling local content creation, all guided by a smart configuration setup.

  • Seamless Error Tracking: Integrating Sentry with Astro

    Learn how to enhance your Astro-powered website's reliability by seamlessly integrating Sentry for error tracking. Discover step-by-step instructions to integrate Sentry's browser package for frontend errors and utilize the toucan-js package for API endpoints. Elevate your website's user experience through effective error monitoring and resolution.

  • Embracing the Future: Migrating from Next.js to Astro

    Discover the exciting transformation of migrating a website from Next.js to Astro. Join me as we explore the motivations behind this switch, the benefits of Astro's HTML-first approach, and the valuable insights gained along the way. Embrace the future of web development and unlock new possibilities for your own projects.