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Hey there! Let’s make software and solve problems together.

I’m all about making technology work for you and cracking complex problems. Picture me as your go-to software superhero, ready to tackle challenges head-on and transform them into clever solutions.

I’m not just a coder; I’m here to enhance, speed up, and amplify your projects. When you bring me on board, you’re not just hiring a tech expert – you’re partnering with someone who’s devoted to making everything run smoothly, efficiently, and with a generous sprinkle of innovation.

🧰 Custom software development. From ground-up creation to revamping existing projects, I bring expertise across languages and frameworks to shape your software solution.

⚙️ Development process enhancement. Elevate your software workflow with modern CI/CD, Git practices, GitHub, AWS DevOps, and IaC (Infrastructure as Code) via GitHub Actions. Streamlining manual processes is my expertise.

📝 Testing. Ensuring software reliability through robust specifications and code is my forte. I’ve pioneered unit and integration testing in multiple projects, guaranteeing correctness and maintainability.

🔍 Code review. From code quality tools to encapsulation and beyond, I conduct comprehensive code reviews and offer improvements for maintainability, readability, and deployment processes.

📚 Full stack development. I’ve worked across a wide spectrum of technologies and platforms. Desktop, backend, frontend. I have considerable experience ecosystems such as Node, JavaScript, and TypeScript with frameworks like Express.js and Fastify. I also have experience of desktop development with Electron.js, EDA (Event Driven Architecture), microservices, serverless, message queues, and cloud native development. On the frontend side of things, I have experience with React SPAs, web components, and building Tailwind CSS based design systems.

📐 Design system development. Building upon existing tools or crafting custom design systems, I bring substantial experience in design systems/component libraries with technologies such as React.

☁️ Cloud development with AWS. My expertise extends to crafting intricate systems on AWS, from serverless to microservices architectures. I wield services like EBS, ECS, S3, SQS, SNS, and Lambda with finesse.

What I am looking for in a position

🏡 Remote first/remote friendly. I work remotely and I look for remote first or remote friendly positions. I’m based in the India, but I’m happy to work in most timezones.

📧 Asynchronous communication. Asynchronous communication empowers teams with autonomy for more flexibility and convenience. It allows team members to respond to messages and tasks at their own pace, even if working across different time zones. This leads to more efficient use of time, better documentation, and more efficient and effective collaboration.

📅 Fewer meetings. Fewer meetings also contribute to the effectiveness and autonomy of remote teams. By limiting the number of meetings, team members have more time for deep work and can better manage their own schedules. Additionally, meetings that are scheduled are more likely to be productive and worthwhile, rather than being a constant interruption to work flow.

☕ Positive, people first, empathetic culture. A positive company and team culture is one that is friendly, collaborative, and empathetic. This type of culture promotes open communication, where team members feel comfortable sharing their ideas, opinions, and concerns without fear of blame or politics. Instead of focusing on placing blame, a positive culture encourages teamwork and problem-solving together.

💡 Open to change and innovation. Forward-thinking companies embrace new ideas and continuously improve processes. They value employee input and don’t adhere to the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality. Instead, being open to experimentation and willing to change course. Aligning with agile principles, adaptability and flexibility are essential to me.

📊 Decisions based on data and customer feedback. I believe that decisions should be made based on data and evidence. This is the opposite of the “sunk cost fallacy” where features are developed because they’ve already been started, rather than because they’re the best solution, and continue to be developed even if they’re not working or causing significant technical debt.

🏞️ Work-life balance. We are all human and have lives outside of work. I believe that work-life balance is important. High-pressure, high-stress environments are not conducive to productivity and creativity while increasing the risk of burnout.

📓 Commitment to producing high-quality and maintainable software. I believe that creating high-quality and maintainable software is essential for the success of any project. This means adhering to best practices, writing clean and readable code, and constantly reviewing implementations with customer requirements. Furthermore, this means teams are empowered to clean up technical debt without asking “permission”. I have listed some of my technical skills in the previous section.

🥇 Building software that the team can be proud of. Building software that the team can be proud of means creating a high-quality product that is functional and meets user needs but goes one step further and delights users too. It means taking the time to ensure that the software is polished and ready for release and that the team is confident in its quality.

Let’s Connect

If you’re interested in discussing potential opportunities or have any inquiries, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out via email at [email protected] or connect with me on LinkedIn ↗️.

Find more details around my background on the web version of my CV at akashrajpurohit.com/resume.

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