Tech Digest #1

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Welcome to the very first edition of “Tech Digest #1”

What Exactly Is “Tech Digest”?

Tech Digest is like that tech-savvy friend who spills the beans on the latest and greatest tech happenings from the world “wild” web.

In this category, I’ll be sharing some interesting projects/products/blogs from the tech community which you might also find exciting and insightful.


  • Yazi ↗️ - ⚡️ Blazing Fast Terminal File Manager is basically the Usain Bolt of file management. It is a rust based terminal file manager and it is so fast it makes your old file manager look like it’s on a dial-up connection.

    They even have a video to prove it ↗️. Check out this article ↗️ to know the secret sauce behind the speed.

  • Another day, another JavaScript framework - Brace yourselves, folks! There’s a new kid on the block, Neu.js ↗️, promising to revolutionize the world. Well, that’s what the website author says, but the community is not exactly doing cartwheels over the benchmarking drama.

    As for me, I just moved from Next.js to Astro ↗️, and I am not packing my bags again anytime soon.

  • Unity Developers Ain’t Feeling the Love - Unity, the go-to platform for game wizards and AR/VR maestros, decided it was time to change things up. They announced new pricing that felt like a plot twist in a Netflix series, leaving the community with mixed feelings.

    Their pricing move clearly seems to be on the same level as what Twitter and Reddit did to crush small companies and individuals. Of course the community is not very happy with it ↗️ but what will happen next?

  • Bun 1.0 ↗️ Is Out to Play - Remember when Bun was a mysterious treasure hidden in a private GitHub repo, and folks had to whisper secrets to get access? Well, it’s no longer a secret. Bun has emerged as Bun 1.0, and Twitter is buzzing (let’s not dive deep into the controversies that came along with it ↗️).

    My two cents are its a great achievement for Bun with 1.0 but it has still a long way to go for “replacing” the node ecosystem entirely.

  • Sayonara TypeScript? - Tech Twitter had its popcorn moment this month, and this tweet took the cake ↗️. Glance through the reactions ↗️ (yes, the bigwigs too).

    Are you team TypeScript, or are you hopping on a different bus? Personally, I’ll stick with it until it crashes my IDE, or maybe till JavaScript type annotation proposal ↗️ is available in the language. What’s your strategy?

That’s a wrap for this edition, folks. Catch you in the next edition of Tech Digest.

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